1. All of our games and distributed software will be made available free of charge. No free trials. No time limits. No paid DLC. No paid expansions. No micro-transactions. No subscription fees. No premium rereleases. No limited editions. No pre-order bonuses. Just full games, for free. We're not against companies who charge for their games; we're just not interested in getting in the way of gamers wanting to play ours.
  2. All of our games and distributed software will be free and open-source (as in FOSS). If there's a bug affecting your installation and we can't fix it right away, feel free to work on it yourself. If you'd like to mod our games, we won't stop you. We'll even go so far as to make tutorials and documentation for our tools, so that you can learn to do what we do. Again, we're not inherently against other companies guarding their source code; we're just not interested in getting in the way of our customers doing what they want with ours.
  3. Our games will never stop working just because we decide to end support. For any game which requires servers, we will release the server code and executables as well. We're highly unlikely to make games which heavily rely on centralized services, but even if we do, we'll always provide some way to work around them.
  4. We will never use or implement any form of DRM. It would be a waste of everyone's life and soul. Please, just have our products and enjoy them however you wish. You should never need an active Internet connection just to play in an offline single-player mode.
  5. A special place in Hell is reserved for developers who skirt the law and sneak illegal gambling elements like random loot box purchases into their otherwise non-gambling games. This is especially evil when it targets unsuspecting children. Not only will we never do that, but we will always strongly oppose it, unless it is accompanied with a clear description and acknowledgment that it is gambling, and is in accordance with all applicable gambling laws. This is not in any way a stance on the gambling industry or gambling law. We actually like gambling and think of it as a specialized form of entertainment. It just doesn't belong in retail games as a scheme to bankrupt children. We pledge that if we achieve success and gain spare resources, we will take active measures to help eliminate this practice in the industry.